For new and experienced business owners!

Are you an experienced business owner who is stuck, needs more clients, and just simply wants to take your business to the next level?

Or, are you a bright, creative, energetic person who has ideas or passions 
that you long to sharewith the world, and make money doing it?

elcome to Interactive Planet’s premier online business startup and growth program! During the next twelve weeks you will learn how to turn your passion, hobby, interest or great business idea into an actual business. If you already have a business, this process will help your refine or redefine it even if you have a tight budget! And, you will discover proven steps to take and learn some great tools to get you going in the right direction!

Here’s the highlights…

Video Sessions and Live Calls!

Each Monday, I will provide a video training session that covers the week’s topics and action steps. Along with the video, I will also provide a workbook and checklist for your action steps! That will be your homework for the week.

Each Friday, we will have a live group call. During the call, we will answer any questions, provide additional information, and help each other get over any hurdles encountered during the week.


No worries—all sessions are available for viewing anytime after their original airing. Every video session will be available 24/7! If you missed a session or simply want to review it again, you can!

You’ll Get All you need for the week…

I’ll give you things to work on during the week. A workbook will be your off-line tool for guidance and you will get an action step checklist for the week. You will have access to a private Facebook group for class participants only. You can use this forum to ask questions, post comments and share your experiences with others who are taking the course with you! Not a fan of Facebook? That’s okay. You can email you questions directly to me and I’ll get right back to you!

How long does the program last?

The Jumpstart program lasts for twelve weeks program from start to finish. That is to say there will be twelve video training sessions and 12 followup Friday phone calls. The Facebook forum will continue to be available as well as the video replays. Once you are in – you are in! So, don’t panic if you cannot get all of the action step items completed! There will be a LOT of information, but you can take it at the pace you need and continue to have support through the Facebook forum as well as access to the information!

This is a self-paced course – jump in anytime and get your new on-line business started!

Mark your calendars! Classes will be held on every Monday, with time off for holidays (no class November 25, December 23 and 30, and so on…dates will be announced.)

Course Materials

Each week you will get an email with additional instructions/reminders for the video session and that week’s materials!

Contact Information

I am always available at by email. You can email me any time with questions and for help with concepts or concerns. For our Premier Group, I will also be giving you my cell phone number. If you have questions, feel free to call 9 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time. (Future groups will not have my phone number).

What Makes this Special…

This is not an open group! The Shoestring Jump Start Program was developed from my own experiences, coaching and training that I have received and cannot wait to share with others! However, as it is new, it will also be evolving! I want to make sure it will be helpful to you and others who will follow you down this path! Because you will be my guinea pigs as I develop the best tools and methods to accomplish this goal while helping you accomplish yours, I am offering the this course at a unbelievably low introductory price! The only thing I ask for in return (in addition to our energy and desire to more your own, exciting idea forward) is your patience and honest feedback as we go along!

What is the benefit for you?

As a small business owner myself, with a head full of dreams and a heart filled with passions,  my budget doesn’t always match my desires! I completely understand the issues of budgets and other dream stoppers. But really, that shouldn’t stop you! Don’t hide behind your budget, your fears or folks telling you “that’s not going to work!” Trust me! It can work and the only way to find that out is to get started!  While you do need to invest in some low cost tools (like a website), getting your business going and getting the word out can be done very inexpensively these days!

So here it is…. (drum roll, please!)…

Premier Group Program Payment …$47 for the entire course!

That’s it. For $47 dollars you will have access to me – all day long, for 12 weeks! Plus course materials that walk you through choosing, setting up and planning your dream business as well as developing and implementing awesome marketing strategies. You will also have access to the exclusive Facebook forum which will serve as a Mastermind group where each of you can help others in the group overcame hurdles and tout your own horns! (After this Premier group the cost for this course will be $495.)

But then, I wanted to do even more for you starting out with me! Sooo….

The 12 week course AND 3 months of additional coaching is yours for only $99!

That means for 3 additional months, I’ll hold your hand and provide additional support as you continue on your business journey for less than $18/month!

Sign up NOW! This offer is only out there until mid-night Friday, September 27th

Enrollment Options

“SHARE THE DREAM!” Bring in a friend or associate who could use some help of his or her own, and I will let the two of you sign up for the course AND the 3 months coaching support for $149.00! Contact me to sign up!

Reminder – here’s what you get when you sign up…

* Monday classes – recorded training session you can listen to anytime! * Instructions/checklist to accomplish goals during the week * Downloads and how-to’s that you can access any time * Extra-help how-to’s for challenges * Private Facebook Group * Special pricing on all future training programs and refreshers * Premier Group Only: telephone access and help

I am so very excited! I’ve been helping businesses with their marketing needs for over 20 years and am passionate about teaching and sharing what I know with others.  This program is the product of many years of experience and guidance and offers some amazing ideas! There is much more to come and I am so looking forward to sharing this adventure with you!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!