Interactive Planet’s founders and core development team consist of Chris and Resi Connell. Together, they reside on a beautiful 60 acre farm in Unionville, VA where they share their experiences with some sustainable farming activities, rainwater collection and reuse and “unschooling” their own two children. Together, Chris and Resi are developing hands-on and on-line learning applications for both students and teachers that offer the benefits of guided dramatic play and out-of-the-box ideas on science education.

Theresia (Resi) Connell

Resi Connell

Theresia Connell has a varied background that includes education in marine science, communication design, architecture, art, photography, education and multimedia development. Over the past 20 years she has focused her experience on developing marketing materials, education outreach, distance learning applications, and alternative learning methods as well as teaching. Her career in developing educational products spans several large government organizations including the State Department, NASA, Navy Medicine and NOAA and large not-for-profit organizations such as the American Chemistry Society.

Ms. Connell is currently attending Liberty University herself with a goal of attaining a Masters of Education in Teaching and Learning with concentrations in educational technology and on-line instruction. Her current research and development focuses on implementing guided dramatic play workshops and materials based on the research and development of the late Elizabeth Kerr Rike.