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In the beginning…

 Our roots are in communication design, marketing, training and  instruction. Our branches are in education  and outreach. As founders of Interactive Planet, both Chris and Resi Connell have strong education backgrounds, with government and non-profit work mixed with liberal doses of technology and science. Our forté as a design firm is the ability to convert client’s complex messages into easy-to-understand, digestible chunks for their audiences and pull it all together in a cohesive, branded package.

We got so good at this that we decided we would start doing it for ourselves…

Here at Interactive Planet, we are now have a division whose focus is on our own education and outreach development. We are using our collective skills and knowledge to reinvent education.

Using our new knowledge gained from research and development in guided dramatic play coupled with our experience in visualizing ideas, we will develop and offer a range of educational tools for educators and parents to use for younger audiences (k-12).

As we develop these tools, we will make them available in the form of workshops, webinars, blog articles, and podcasts. Some of these offerings will be available through our child organizations, LOCAL STEW U, and Embody Learning!

Don’t worry, though – there’s still a big part of IP that focuses on developing education content, on-line courses, and branded training packages for you!

Put our experience to work for you!

(Interactive Planet is a division of Independence FUNie Farm, LLC, a farm, education camp and learning center in Charles City, VA)

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